Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Slacking on a Snow Day

Snow days mean pajamas and relaxation.  Or, at least that is what I am telling myself at this moment.  While I realize the laundry needs to be folded and there are more boxes to be filled, it has been more fun for the last couple hours to dream about our new kitchen. (Yes, I am an exceptional procrastinator!).

Our new home currently sports this modest kitchen. 
It seems the previous owners took much of the kitchen with them or they were experts on living          simply.  Either way, it needs work.  The current metal cabinets, while funky and retro, are moving to the basement laundry room.  Among our other projects last weekend, we removed the beadboard        paneling from the walls, which was just one of many projects we will need to tackle during this         kitchen renovation.                                                                                                                                  

The layout of the kitchen will be a bit of a challenge, as five doors enter the room (one from the dining room, one from the butler's pantry, one from basement, one from the back staircase, and one from the back deck) and the floor is not completely original wood.

It seems as if, at some point, a back porch was incorporated into the kitchen, and that portion of the floor was covered in linoleum.  With the help of Nick's sister, I tore up the linoleum last weekend. (Not a difficult task, considering it was held down by giant double sided tape).  We are planning to replace that portion of the floor with tile, if we can find some way to transition between the two flooring types successfully.  I'm crossing my fingers that using coordinating tile on that part of the floor and in the backsplash will help it make sense.

So, this is what I am thinking...
From the upper left: Iowa and Minnesota kitchen towels from Vestiges, Inc., backsplash and floor tile from Lowe's, Ramsjo cabinets from Ikea, mercury glass knobs from Target, latte bowls from Anthropologie, and a cool jar chandelier from Lowe's.

The towels, the bowls (in assorted blue shades and lime green), and the light fixture are some of my favorite things in our current kitchen.  The towels will serve as wall art and, along with the bowls, will provide fun punches of color against a gray and white background.  I am leaning toward a blue (like the background of the photo collage) or a light apple green for the walls.

Now with that kitchen plan solidified, I guess I will get back to the boxes.

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  1. Who said you had no deco talent, looks great!