Friday, February 1, 2013

Just Shopping on the Interwebs

I am feeling stranded at home right now.  I love my home, I do, and I enjoy spending time in it.  But, after one snow bound day this week, I am ready for some time out.  And, I love shopping.  Probably to an unhealthy degree, but at least I can own that and can appreciate window shopping, too. 

It has been, gasp, almost a month since I have set foot in a Target.  Like some people need caffeine infusions, I rely on Target to keep me sane (though I love me some caffeinated beverages, too).  Simply walking down the aisles, ideally with a cup o'Starbucks in my hand, soothes my soul.

But, the nearest Target is 45 minutes away.  On icy, snow covered roads. So, for at least another week, I will have to be strong and survive Target free.

My other favorite, Anthropologie, doesn't even have a store in Iowa, which is a travesty to be dealt with at a later date, so I won't even be able to set foot in that store until spring break in March.  Heart wrenching, really.

A little online browsing will have to do, for now.

My living room needs a bit more life, so I think these pillows may be just the thing.  And, at only $15, I am sure these Crate and Barrel teal beauties need to be mine.

Looking to replace the lights over our island, these Pottery Barn pendants would look lovely and aren't much more expensive than those I am seeing at Lowe's.

I am sure I need this blood orange candle from Anthroplogie, too.

This Gatsby poster will be here Monday, though, so that should curb my shopping needs for at least five minutes.

Only another week.  I can make it, right?