Thursday, July 31, 2014

Finding a Happy Place

Living in a house while remodeling is certainly a test of patience, and all those who know me well know patience is not my greatest strength.  I become antsy waiting in line to check out at Target, let alone waiting to see an end to the millions of projects that need to be completed for the house to be "finished."

We have accomplished a good deal already, having finished the roof and the majority of exterior painting.  We have also completed a bunch of projects in the kitchen and survived a bit of a sewer fiasco (the city disconnected the sewer line to the house last year when redoing the street just north of the house, a little issue we discovered when the water table rose early this summer).

The picture above was taken last fall, and the one below was taken just last week.

During all of this chaos, however, I found myself looking for a happy place, a room that was at least almost done.  So, instead of doing something more useful, like fighting the ongoing battle with the weeds in the landscaping, I spent an afternoon playing in the butler's pantry, organizing and reorganizing the shelves.  A waste of time?  Probably for most people.  But, it made me feel better. It also gives me something to post on here.  Pictures of other projects will follow shortly, I promise.

So, welcome to my happy place.

It is a small start, but it is a start.