Sunday, February 9, 2014

Black or Blue and White All Over

It is easy, for me, to focus on the interior colors and finishes, especially with banks of snow and subzero temperatures, but the outside of the house needs a good deal of attention, too.  Just as soon as the weather agrees, we need to replace the roof and repaint the house and trim.

While Nick and I easily agree on most of the finishes for the inside of the house, there has been more discussion about the potential exterior paint and shingle colors.  I struggle to visualize how a different colored roof might look. Enter Pixlar (a free web based application for those too cheap to buy Photoshop).

So, without further ado,here are a couple kindergarten art project-like rough renderings of some of the options.

Option one: white house with blue shingles

 Option two: white house with black or dark gray shingles

The black/dark gray is my first choice, but both are worth considering.  The plan is to repaint the house (in white) and to add color on the porch floor, porch steps, and front door.                          

With (at least?) 8-10 more weeks of winter weather to look forward to in Minnesota, we have a little bit of time to decide (and to find a bunch of people willing to help us shingle and paint for food and drink).  Volunteers?                                                                                                                                 



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