Wednesday, May 30, 2012

80 Days of Summer Vacation

I fail at time management.  I am a successful procrastinator.  To do lists are typically forgotten as soon as they are finished, but here's to hoping making this list public will help.

In no particular order, this summer I plan to:
  • blog (more than once)
  • paint the dining room teal. Yes, teal.
  • read at least 15 books
  • actually weed through the "to mend" pile and either mend or toss
  • find a way to make the sun porch useful space (i.e. not a big closet)
  • actually scrap some vacation photos before adding thousands more
  • organize the file cabinets in my classroom
  • keep the garden under control and actually make good use of the produce
  • move it, move it (walk, jog,Zumba, do something!)
  • make a curtain for the entry way (and toss the ugly lace topper)
  • organize the basement
  • finally make the apron with the Amy Butler pattern I bought a year ago
  • refurbish the chair that I bought for that purpose five years ago

Seeing a trend?

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